Light Appetizer  
Dried shrimp with eggplant¥430
Mozuku seaweed vinegar with ginger¥430
Potato Salad¥430
Boiled octopus with sudachi¥580
Unrefined sake pickled camembert cheese (made in Japan) with cucumber¥880

Norway salmon¥760
Bonito sashimi OR tataki (lightly roasted)¥880
Red sea bream from Mie Prefecture¥1120
Chef’s selection (3 kinds of sashimi)¥1580
Red-fleshed southern bluefin tuna¥980

Fried Foods  
Deep-fried sardine from Ishikawa Prefecture¥430
Deep-fried horse mackerel¥580
Tomato and fig tempura¥630
Coriander tempura (Curry flavored)¥720
Camembert cheese and fresh onion tempura¥750
HAL YAMASHITA Specialty : Crispy fried chicken pickled in shochu¥880
Orient Clam Tempura¥980
Assorted Tempura¥1,120

DASHIMAKI ~Traditional Japanese egg roll~¥550
Clam steamed with SAKE¥980
“TUKUNE” HAL YAMASHITA style ~Fie-Gras and chicken ball~¥880
Pork and Vegetable sauté with Spicy “KIMUCHI” taste¥880
Grilled Snapper or Simmered Snapper “ARANI”¥1,200
Brand Pork Fricassee¥1,380

Whole Tomato Salad ~sesame dressing~¥490
Tomato and AWAJI-Onion salad¥680
Green vegetable salad¥780
HAL YAMASHITA original SASHIMI salad ~AWAJI-onion dressing~¥1,380
Coriander and roasted beef salad¥1,380

Grilled seasonal vegetable with Moromi-Miso630
Broiled roasted pork¥880
Soy-marinated grilled chicken¥880
Sepecialty : broiled miso-marinated black cod¥1,450

Rice Dish  
Mixed rice with fresh seafood and sesame¥880
Oriental seafood fried pasta¥1,380

Green tea chocolate¥250
White sesame blancmange¥480
Milk ice cream with simmerd black beans¥580
Brown sugar gateau chocolat¥650