Tuna Fish with Grated Yam¥650
Marinated Deep-Fried Salmon Topped with Salmon Roe¥580
Deep-Fried River Shrimp¥680
Assorted Japanese Pickles¥530
Simmered Duck¥780
Creamy Camembert Cheese Pickled in Moromi Miso¥780
Japanese Omelet Roll flavored with Broth¥680
Mashed Potato and Sweet Potato Salad¥450
Simmered Eggplant in Broth¥480
Assorted Appetizer (Salted Squid Guts / Salt-Pickled Tuna / Seared Spicy Cod Roe)¥780
Miso Beef Tendon Stew¥530

Stir-Fried Pork with Ginger¥1,380
Deed-Fried Breaded Pork Served with Demi-Glace Sauce¥1,580
Beef Stew with Miso¥1,980
Grilled Fish Cheek with Salt¥980
Premium Kobe-Beef Filled with Fresh Sea Urchin (1 piece)¥850
Sauted Red Seabeam Served with Butter Sauce¥1,200
Tofu Steak Served on Iron Plate¥750
Fried Yam¥880
Beef Sukiyaki¥1,980
Tossed Shrimp and Avocado¥680
Deep-Fried Juicy Sea Eel¥1,280

Meat and Fish Salad with 36 Items¥1,980
Roast Beef Salad¥1,580
Grilled Chicken Salad with Mushrooms Topped with Soft Boiled Egg¥1,280
Green Leaf Salad with Cilantro¥980
Organic Healthy Salad with 20 Items¥980

Assorted 3 Varieties of Sashimi (for 1 person)¥680
Assorted 5 Varieties of Sashimi (for 1 person)¥980
Assorted 7 Varieties of Sashimi (for 1 person)¥1,280
Fresh Fish Carpaccio¥1,380
Sea Bream Filled with Fresh Sea Urchin¥650
Fresh Salmon and Avocado with Tartar Sauce¥1,150
Fresh Squid Noodle¥780

Grilled Extra Large Mushrooms with Soy Sauce¥750
Grilled Fatty Salmon Belly¥980
Dried Red Snapper¥1,200
Juicy Roasted Pork¥880
Teriyaki Amberjack with Balsamic Vinegar Flavor¥1,080
Grilled Salmon Flavored with Miso¥980
Grilled Cod Flavored with Miso¥1,650

Fried Dish  
Sea Urchin Tempura¥1,380
Deep-Fried Chicken¥880
Deed-Fried Tuna Served with Wasabi and Soy Sauce¥1,280
Assorted Seasonal Vegetables Tempura¥880
Creamy Camembert Cheese Tempura¥780
Smoked Squid Tempura Served with Yuzu and Chili Pepper¥980
Juicy Angel Prwans Tempura (3 pieces)¥1,050
Deep-Fried Shrimp Sandwiched with Mushroom and Eggplant¥880
Juicy Sea Eel Tempura Served with Soy Sauce¥1,200
Spring Roll with Juicy Minced Shrimp Flesh¥900
Deep-Fried Salmon with Japanese Basil¥850

Rice and Noodles  
Rice Cooked with Salmon Roe and Sea Urchin¥2,200
Rice Cooked with Salmon Roe and Sea Urchin (Half)¥1,150
Chirashi-sushi with Scattered Fresh Seafood¥1,780
Chirashi-sushi with Scattered Fresh Seafood (Half)¥980
Curry Rice with Kobe Beef¥980
Soba Noodle Served with Wagyu Beef Dipping Sauce¥1,180
Soba Noodle Served with Duck Dipping Sauce¥980
Soba Noodle (Hot/Cold)¥780
Soba Noodle with Grated Yam (Cold)¥980
Soumen Noodle Served with Sudachi Citrus (Cold)¥950
Ochazuke with Snapper¥1,080
Rice with Soft Boiled Egg¥580
Rice Ball Mixed with Stewed Beef and Pickled Plum (1 piece)¥680
Special Thick Rolled Sushi¥1,200

Gateau Chocolat with Raw Sugar¥650
Warabi-Mochi Dumpling with Raw Sugar¥650
Green Tea Chocolate¥300
Anmitsu with Fruits and Shirotama Dumplings¥680
Kuzu-Manju Jelly Ball Covered with Sweet Bean Paste¥680